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When is it appropriate to wear an untucked dress shirt? What’s the difference between short-sleeve and long-sleeve untucked shirts? In this article we will cover these questions and more, so get ready to have your fashion knowledge expanded. We will be specifically talking about button-down shirts.

Untucked dress shirts are popular for various reasons, one of the primary being that they are more comfortable to wear than tucked shirts. The look can be very desirable as well. Let’s first take a look at differences between casual and dressy shirts.

Short-sleeve shirts tend to be more casual, and in general, a shirt is considered to be casual if it would never be worn with a tie. Casual shirts are usually cut shorter than dress shirts, for a difference of up to five inches or so. Dress shirts have more rigid collars, which give more support when wearing a tie. The big fashion question is whether dressy shirts can be worn untucked, and that’s where we come to a middleground type of shirt.

Dressy shirts that are meant to be worn untucked typically have collars that are less rigid than other dressy shirts, and yet provide enough support that a tie could be worn if so desired. Regarding length, an untucked dress shirt should not cover the entire crotch area in the front, and it should not cover the entire butt in the rear. Another way to measure the fit is that the bottom of the shirt should lie above the bottom of your wrists. If it falls below your palm, it should be tucked in.

Yet another consideration is the bottom side of the shirt. A general rule of thumb is that if the side is flat, the shirt is meant to be tucked in, and if the side is arched, the shirt is safe to be worn untucked.

There is no question that mid-length shirts are becoming more and more popular. A great example of a designer untucked dress shirt is this beautiful Armani Jeans Men’s Solid Stretch shirt:

The cotton material and untucked styling combine to make it extra comfortable to wear, and it definitely has a sharp look that is appropriate for dressy occasions. It is both comfortable and a visual standout. Note the arched side, an indicator that it is meant to be worn untucked.

If you keep these basic considerations mentioned in this article in mind when shopping for a new shirt, you will be better able to make an informed decision. As you can see, it is entirely possible to combine the comfort of an untucked shirt with the classy look of dressy shirts.

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